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By Shari Schreiber, M.A.


Every potential client should read and fully understand all of the following text, to become familiar with the practical elements of my work with them.

Integrated Recovery work is specifically designed to fortify clients on many levels, and the nature of the work itself is outlined and explained in this article. While reading that page, if you feel like this modality of treatment could be a fit for you, then phone me.

The best way to reach me for help is by telephone. My wellness practice is usually very full, so it could take two months or more before I can attend to incoming mail on my site. I do not use Skype, but some of my international clients call my landline with their Skype feature, and it's been a pretty reliable connection.

A strict 24-hour cancellation policy must be adhered to, when clients need to cancel or reschedule their pre-arranged, agreed upon upcoming appointment. When a minimum 24-hour advance notice is not left with me via voicemail (not email) the client is financially responsible for their full/regular session rate, which is charged to the credit card I have on file for them.

If there is a true emergency (you're in a hospital bed or you've suddenly become deathly ill) arrangements might be made with you to have a makeup session~ but this is offered solely at my discretion. If you think you're coming down with a virus or your plane flight might become delayed, it is necessary to give me a 24-hour advance warning, so that we can make other suitable arrangements. Failure to do so, can result in you paying for that missed hour, and I take no pleasure in charging you for session time you can't use.

Your first session is pre-charged to your credit card at the time we agree on an appointment date and time, as this allows me to reserve that hour of my time for you. After our initial session, I process your session fee the morning of your pre-scheduled appointment with me.

Unpaid balances are turned over to an attorney that I retain to collect fees from former clients who've behaved with me in a financially unsavory or irresponsible manner.

You are expected to phone me on time for your appointments. We have only fifty minutes within which to cover a lot of ground each week, so wasting even a minute or two of your time with me is strongly discouraged.

Along these same lines, we won't be taking up any of your precious time here, with pleasantries or niceties. It's not your job to act polite with me, nor try to please me. I work as rapidly as I can to help you heal, grow and become empowered and healthy. The things you've always habitually said, like "how are you?" or "have a nice weekend," have no place here. They waste Your precious resources, and My time. Besides, we'll be working to help you dismantle and eliminate long-standing, dysfunctional People Pleaser traits as quickly as possible, and that starts with our relationship.

I provide interim care between regularly scheduled sessions, for the express purpose of teaching you how to feel your emotions, rather than analyzing them. If you can't or won't call me at the precise time you're hurting, it's unlikely you'll be able to learn vital self-soothing tools, and begin to fully recover.

My hourly fee increases a little each year, which is why it's not posted on this web site, but you'll be paying over $200.00 per session, which will be put on any major credit (not debit) card of your choosing. You may phone me for more precise payment information, on either my New York or California number. I am accessible on both phones, so please don't leave me more than one voicemail.


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