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I am passionately dedicated to your empowerment, expansion and success. The material you'll be reading on this site is candid and straightforward~ it's intended to help you make sense of some of your life experiences, and avoid or resolve issues that may undermine you. If you find it controversial, then I've (at least) challenged your perspectives and broadened a path toward greater well-being, and that's my objective.

My methods are extremely unconventional and not to be confused with 'psychotherapy,' which deals only with the mind. Integrated Recovery is a unique, comprehensive approach to Healing, which helps you surmount obstacles that inhibit joy and contentment. Tangible transformation is our goal here, and wellness begins with awareness~ you might think of this web resource as a place to gain personal enlightenment.

As I hold myself to the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality, your privacy is always respected and stringently guarded~ even after you've left treatment.

My practice is global, and I work exclusively by phone. These sessions are unique, efficient and extraordinarily effective. Major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover) are welcome. Sorry, but I do not accept medical insurance.

I am at heart, an educator. My hope is, you'll have an "Ahah!" experience while you're visiting, and gain some headway with the difficulties you've found to be most troubling. My articles can help you better understand your partner, parent or friend--but more importantly, they're written to help you understand Yourself, and save you from investing a lot of time and money in traditional therapies.

You'll find a lot of literature about Borderline Personality Disorder on this site, which is an unintended consequence of direct, hands-on experience with the underlying issues (like poor self-worth) that can spawn, and perpetuate this disorder. If you relate to my BPD articles (think of them like little self-help books), it's thanks to the many partners and relatives of Borderlines who've shared their stories, and found resolution and relief during their work with me. My first priority is getting you past your immediate trauma, but you'll also gain invaluable tools that will help you avert this pain in the future, and never attract it again.

While I work with borderline disordered clients, this website material is not intended as a support resource for people struggling with BPD. If you have this disorder, it's best that you redirect your attention to alternative web content.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Human Behavior Psychology, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psych., and I've completed a six year private practice internship~ but my wisdom and skill are mostly outgrowths of substantial life experience, acute intuition and unrelenting commitment to personal growth and emotional vitality. I do not work as a state licensed clinician. If you're wanting that sort of help, please seek it elsewhere.

You can easily navigate this site by clicking on the colorful links at top. The following links will take you subjects that may be of special interest to you; Anxiety/Panic Disorders - Sex Addiction - Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD) - Weight Loss - Passive-Aggression - Sexual Difficulties - Mid-life Struggles - Codependency and numerous other relationship issues.

If you'd prefer to listen to my materials and you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can click here for the web-reader app that'll help you accomplish this.

Selected letters are responded to in my Forums, and your anonymity is carefully maintained. Most of my Articles are continually revamped and expanded to keep that information fresh and vital, and new topics are added periodically. Save this site to your *favorites* and visit as often as you like!

You may phone me for help, but I do not offer online/written intervention; only emails under 150 words are read, due to the time constraints of a busy practice. Please keep your query brief and to the point, and expect a straight answer within four to six weeks.

If I miss your call, please leave your name and phone number on either of my voice-mails, and you'll hear back from me very shortly. There's no obligation, and our initial dialogue is at no charge to you. Let's talk soon, so we can sort out the problem you're struggling with, and get to a solution.




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